W702 BFV

This Dennis Dart Plaxton Mini Pointer Dart 702 – W702 BFV was new to Stagecoach Ribble and based at Clitheroe depot. When Stagecoach sold off their operations this bus was passed onto the Blazefield group then was allocated to Lancashire united at Blackburn depot, it then saw use with Harrogate and District, Keighley and District then Burnley & Pendle who’s livery it wears today, it certainly saw it’s fair share of movements within the Blazefield empire so it was a hard decision by the owner when it came to which livery it would wear as a preserved bus. When it was time to it to retire from service at Blazefield it was sold onto WAVE of Stirling then later was purchased by McCall’s of Lockerbie who it was purchased from in 2016. It now resides at Town & District Transport Transport Trust in it’s original Stagecoach Ribble Livery