Our Projects

Here at Town & District Transport Trust, we aren’t just a team of fully grown adults wanting to restore history from the 1960’s, we are different… we cater for everyone in this hobby. As you maybe aware we have a large selection of different buses from various eras, starting with a 1947 Guy Arab to a 2006 Scania Bendy Bus & because of our open views on bus preservation we are now changing the face of bus preservation & making it more appealing to young people. A few bus owners/preservationists that are paying regular visits to Town & District have children that have grown up to like the atmosphere around here at Town & District and they actively want to get involved in bus restoration like their parents.. which they do a brilliant job at! 

During mid 2019, it was a pleasure for us as a group to receive a donation from Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust of a 1944 Guy Arab with a Utility Body. It is in a bit of a sorry state & is in need of some major restoration, it was decided by our group that we are going to make use of the bus for our younger members to get their hands stuck into at weekends and get it built back up slowly over the next few years. It will be a big task to strip it all down & rebuild it back up, not to mention the parts that are needed to be sourced for it, but as a team we are going to make it happen, we hope this will be a good opportunity for the young ones so they have something to be proud of when it’s finished & it will also be good work experience for getting them into a job once they leave school.

We are currently looking for donations towards this project, if you are able to donate, please get in contact with us.