Safeguarding Policy

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Introduction  This section explains why the safeguarding policy is important to your organisation and what the policy aims to achieve.    Town And District Transport Trust Ltd  makes a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every individual to stay safe.   Town And District Transport Trust Ltd comes into contact with children and / or vulnerable adults through the following activities:
•School trips
•Public Open Days
•Rally and Planned running days •Open for educational visits from public, adults and /or children to view vehicles.
•Volunteers to help restore and preserve historic vehicles. The types of contact with children and / or vulnerable adults will be regulated and overseen by a number of Directors and volunteers holding valid and relevant DBS documentation that can be viewed upon request. This policy seeks to ensure that Town And District Transport Trust undertakes its responsibilities with regard to protection of children and / or vulnerable adults and will respond to concerns appropriately. The policy establishes a framework to support members, volunteers and associates of Town And District Transport Trust LTD, their practices and clarifies the organisation’s expectations.
Explanation of termsYou may wish to include an explanation of key terms in the policy, to ensure consistency.     
Confirmation of reading I confirm that I have been made fully aware of, and understand the contents of, the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for Town And District Transport Trust Ltd.   Sign as Required : Name :
Legislation  This section is optional and refers to the principal pieces of legislation governing the application of this policy.The principal pieces of legislation governing this policy are:
The Care Act 2016
Working together to Safeguard Children 2015
The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
The Children Act 2004
The Adoption and Children Act 2002
Care Standards Act 2000
Human Rights Act 1998
Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
The Police Act – CRB 1997
The Children Act 1989
Mental Health Act 1983
NHS and Community Care Act 1990
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974  
DefinitionsThis section defines the term safeguarding It also defines the terms protection and abuse and the two main groups covered by the policy.    Safeguarding is about embedding practices throughout the organisation to ensure the protection of children and / or vulnerable adults wherever possible. In contrast, child and adult protection is about responding to circumstances that arise. Abuse is a selfish act of oppression and injustice, exploitation and manipulation of power by those in a position of authority. This can be caused by those inflicting harm or those who fail to act to prevent harm. Abuse is not restricted to any socio-economic group, gender or culture. It can take a number of forms, including the following: Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Psychological or Emotional abuse
Neglect or Omission to act
Financial or material abuse
Child Sexual Exploitation
Modern Slavery
Self Neglect
Domestic Abuse
Institutional Abuse
Discriminatory Abuse

Definition of a child A child is under the age of 18 (as defined in the United Nations convention on the Rights of a Child). Definition of a vulnerable adult A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 years or over who may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from harm or from being exploited. This may include a person who: Is elderly and frail; Has a mental illness including dementia; Has a physical or sensory disability; Has a learning disability; Has a severe physical illness; Is a substance misuser; Is homeless.
ResponsibilitiesThis section contains details of responsibilities at various levels of the organisation.All members and volunteers  have responsibility to follow the guidance laid out in this policy and related policies, and to pass on any welfare concerns using the required procedures. We expect all associates of Town an District Transport Trust LTD to promote good practice by being an excellent role model, contribute to discussions about safeguarding and to positively involve people in developing safe practices.   Additional specific responsibilities
The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Sheena Louise  Whitehouse.  This person’s responsibilities are:
• To ensure all associates volunteers and members are  Fully aware of safeguarding and how to raise concerns.
•To be up to date with current safeguarding policies and further knowledge to implement and maintain procedures of safeguarding within Town An District District Transport Trust LTD.
•If any concerns are brought to the DSL they shall report these immediately to relevant parties and involve, coordinate and liase with necessary parties. Ensuring all relevant agencies are notified. •Ensure there are adequate reporting and recording systems In place   that can easily be transferral if applicable.
•Ensure confidentiality and GDPR is followed lawfully at all times.
Implementation StagesWithin organisations, it is inevitable that there will be other policies which link with the Safeguarding policy and this demonstrates how safeguarding is embedded within the organisation.    The scope of this policy is broad ranging and in practice, it will be implemented via a range of policies and procedures within the organisation.   Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Gap Management
The organisation commits resources to providing DBS records on a number of both Trustees and volunteers whose roles involve contact with both adults and children at Town And District Transport Trust LTD and would be present on any occasion visits were made to above organisations premises.  
Communications training and support for staffCommunication of Safeguarding Policy.  Communications and discussion of safeguarding issues
Commitment to the following communication methods will ensure effective communication of safeguarding issues and practice:
•Ensure all members, volunteers and associates of Town And District Transport Trust LTD have read and signed and are compliant of this safeguarding policy.    
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9.    Professional boundariesThis section covers aspects such as relationships with clients and the areas will be dependent on the type of work carried out with vulnerable people.  Professional boundaries are a set of standards we agree to uphold and shall abide by and raise any known concerns when not adhered to or are brought to the attention of any members or associates. Town and District Transport Trust LTD expects all members and associates to protect the professional integrity of themselves and the organisation. If the professional boundaries are breached this could result in police involvement and or imprisonment.
10.  ReportingThis section looks at method of reporting and raising of safeguarding concerns.The process outlined below details the stages involved in raising and reporting safeguarding concerns at Town And District Transport Trust LTD.
•Communicate concerns with DSL Sheena Louise Whitehouse.
• Seek medical attention as and when required
• Liase with,notify and involve all relevant parties of individual. •Complete the Local Authority Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Incident form and and when required and submit to the local authority within 24 hours
• Ensure feedback is given from the Local Authority and response documented. If DSL Sheena Louise Whitehouse is implicated, concerns can be raised to Director Ian Amarnani and/or Daniel Evans.
Allegations ManagementThere should be a stated process for dealing with allegations against any professional or volunteer working for any organisation.    Town And District Transport Trust LTD recognises its duty to report concerns or allegations against its members and associates within the organisation or by a professional from another organisation.
The process for raising and dealing with allegations is as follows:
Report to DSL Sheena Louise Whitehouse any concerns. Relevant documentation to be completed and escalated to necessary agencies and associations of individual/individuals.
MonitoringThe safeguarding aspects which would typically be monitored    The organisation will monitor the following Safeguarding aspects:
•DBS checks and renewals of current holders.
•Monitor whether concerns if and when reported are acted upon in correct manner. •Presence of Designated Safeguarding Lead Sheena Louise Whitehouse within Town And District Transport Trust LTD.
Managing informationThis section refers to measures in place to ensure that information is managed and accurately and confidentially recorded.All members volunteers and associates must be aware that they have a professional duty to share information with other agencies in order to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. The public interest in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults may override confidentiality interests. However, information will be shared on a need to know basis only, as judged by the Designated Safeguarding Lead. All members, volunteers and associates must be aware that they cannot promise individuals or their families/ carers that they will keep secrets.  
Conflict resolution and complaintsIf working with children there is a specific policy and procedure for conflict resolution which you can refer to. This section also refers to how people may make complaints to your organisation (following the established complaints procedures)Conflicts in respect of safety of vulnerable adults will be taken forward by Sheena Louise Whitehouse, Designated Safeguarding Lead via any relevant agencies.  
Communicating and reviewing the policyThis section also states the review period for the policy. Reviewing simply means looking at the policy, checking it is still appropriate and making changes as necessary. Reviewing once a year is good practice but the policy should also be reviewed if there are changes in circumstances or legal requirements.  Town and District Transport Trust LTD will make all members, volunteers and associates aware of the Safeguarding Policy through the following means :

•Signed copies of relevant and current safeguarding policy to be held by Town And District Transport Trust LTD.   This policy will be reviewed Sheena Louise Whitehouse, every year and when there are changes in legislation.