R717 YWC

This Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer was new to Stagecoach London in dual door format in 1997, it operated in the capital until 2001 after which it transferred to Stagecoach Manchester where it spent most of it’s life, then in 2009 it moved onto Stagecoach in the Highlands, then went for sale to EnsignBus in 2010, it was straight away purchased by Pennine of Skipton where it gave many years of reliable service. Pennine soon came to a sad demise after a very long time trading, the buses were then offered up for sale and the previous owner John came to the rescue in 2014 to save a piece of future Pennine history. In early 2020 John became very ill & decided it would be the right thing to do to sign the bus over to Town & District as a donation, he sadly passed away in mid 2020 and this bus stays with us as a reminder of him & what he did for us as his time being a director.