CWU 140T

This vehicle was new to WYPTE in September 1978 & allocated to the old Longroyd Bridge depot in Huddersfield, then in 1986 when the WYPTE operating division passed to Yorkshire Rider, 7140 transferred across, Longroyd Bridge depot closed and along with the rest of that depot’s allocation moved to the Leeds Road/Great Northern Street depot where the sphere of operation expanded, 7140 could now be seen on the streets of places like Meltham and Bradley along with the other traditional Leeds Road depot allocation of routes, eventually 7140 would receive the new Yorkshire Rider colours and eventually pass to Badgerline when that operator purchased Yorkshire Rider. After withdrawal 7140 was sold to Black Prince of Morley then very quickly found herself back in the ownership of Yorkshire Rider (Badgerline) in the fleet of Quickstep Travel (Leeds) after the takeover of Black Prince, after withdrawal again she saw further work as a support vehicle with Bristol Television & Film Services as a mobile mess room / canteen for actors on set, a role she performed for many years before eventually being retired.

Languishing for a number of years uncared for and unloved she was eventually bought for preservation and stored at the South Yorkshire site of the Rotherham Transport Museum for a while until sold on for further preservation and moved to a West Yorkshire based Bus Museum, a little bit of work was undertaken on her until her last owner decided to advertise her for sale on eBay, bids were made and offers considered for her sale and thankfully her owner decided she should be sold to stay in preservation in the local area.

Her future is now assured by owner Tim Pogson and she will stay at her current home in the care of Town & District Transport Trust being returned to her former glory with the final livery to be yet decided upon.