This is one of a batch of 440 MCW Metrobus MKI’s that were ordered by London Transport in 1984.

Upon delivery these were all fitted with Hydraulic braking systems like the Routemasters they were replacing but later it was decided to convert them to Air brakes.

This bus entered service at Holloway Depot (HT) in December 1984

In September 1994 London Buses was privatised and Holloway Depot became under MTL London Northern,
then in 1998 the London operations of MTL were sold to Metroline

June 2001 saw B58 WUL used as a training bus and after a short period was then sold to EnsignBus in April 2002 for resale, it then was converted to Half open top and was assigned to City Sightseeing.

In September 2003 it was bought by Stagecoach Newcastle and painted into the standard City Sightseeing livery and assigned a  fleet number of 8002

August 2007 saw B58 WUL go up for sale again, this time it was purchased by Scarborough based operator Shoreline Suncruisers who then converted it into full open top and painted into their Blue & Yellow livery it wears today.

September 10th 2016 it was purchased by its current owner Daniel Evans who also owns Halifax MCW Metrobus C424 BUV and it became part of Town & District Transport Trust