MRJ 100W

This 1981 Leyland Leopard with Plaxton Supreme body was new to what is arguably the greatest coach company ever to grace Britains roads. Yelloway of Rochdale, the company is remembered by many people from their Childhoods as a symbol of their british holidays. The Orange and yellow livery could be seen all over from Blackpool to Torquay all throughout the summer. This is one of the first Leopards to be purchased by Yelloway after AEC’s demise, Yelloway were an avid AEC customer and they had to find an alternative that ticked all the boxes so they approached Leyland and because of this, these coaches were the one of the first Manual gearbox Leopards to be produced along with the Mayne of Manchester batch of similiar coaches as that’s what the operator wanted otherwise they’d have gone elsewhere.

This paticular coach was new to Yelloway in 1981, it spent many years on their holidays & excursions up & down the UK. It was sold onto Greyscroft of Mablethorpe in 1987 and reregistered NBZ 1670 where it stayed for 15 years doing excursions aswell as school & occasional local services. It was then purchased for preservation in 2002 where it was restored to it’s former glory back as a Yelloway coach. It stayed in preservation until 2014 & was unfortunatly left abadoned until 2021 when it was purchased by a member of Town & District who hopes to have it restored once again.